The Company

Persan Pistons, a company over 60 years manufactures high performance...

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The Company

Persan Pistons, a company over 60 years manufactures high performance, from 6,000 m2 industrial plant located in Córdoba, Argentina, in the center of the MERCOSUR bioceanic corridor.

From the time pieces are formed until they are delivered, qe carry out a top-quality administration, management, and control process.

Following the latest production processes and making significant investments in cutting-edge technology helped us reach our current industrial capacity and the production of high-performance products, which puts us among the leading positions in the market.

Nowadays, we export our products to over 31 countries in America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, producing a wide variety of models for all kinds of features.

Why does Persan have the best original quality piston for its engines?
  • Aluminum ingots 100%new and virgin.
  • Aluminum, silicon, nickel and magnesiumalloys with a mínimum amount of impurities so as to maximize performance.
  • Addition of place or auto-thermal rings to control piston expansión.
  • Cooling cannel.
  • Ring insertion (round ring-APA).
  • Thermal treatment for solubilization and precipitation persuant to original equipment specifications.
  • Strict control over 100% of pistons with state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Superficial treatment with original equipment quality.
  • Tinning.
  • Head anodizing.
  • Slot anodizing.
  • Grophitizing.